Do you want to draw attention to your company or product? Then there are several ways to get the attention of our visitors.

  • Branded content (blog item with two back links);
  • Product review;
  • A basic link to your website with a unique anchor text.



You can also place an advertorial on our website. The news pages are popular and content is shared through our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. Content is also distributed through our RSS feeds and regularly posted by other (garden) blogs. 

An advertorial will need to be at least 400 words long. You must supply at least one picture and can optionally embed YouTube videos into messages. An advertorial can contain up to two follow links to external websites. You can supply an alt tag for these links to So that Google can properly index the link as well. The advertorial can be placed on any day you want but must be submitted three days in advance.



Send an email to and we can have an article live on this or another website within 2 working days.

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