Electric Patio Heater

An electric patio heater warms up your terrace in no time. Whether you have a big or a small garden: our garden heaters can heat up any place by using infrared light. Choose from a wide range of outdoor heaters, designed to make your summer nights on the terrace and garden parties last even longer.

Patio with candle lights and heating

Gas heaters and electric patio heaters

When you have just started your search for garden heaters, you might not understand the difference between an electric patio heater and a gas heater. What is patio gas, you might ask. And is it better than an electric garden heater? Here is the difference:

  • An electric patio heater uses radiant heat to convert energy into warmth. This mode of heat transfer is very efficient, because it uses up to 98% of its energy to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere;
  • A small gas heater uses natural gas to warm up your patio. Whereas gas heaters are able to produce a great amount of heat, the majority of the produced warmth rises up immediately, without having the chance of reaching anyone.

An electric patio heater is generally cheaper than a gas heater and takes up a much smaller space. Because electric heaters only need an outlet, you do not need to refill them. Moreover, they are better for the environment, because the clearances to combustibles are closer. Gas heaters are much larger than electric ones, but they also use less energy. This may make them less expensive in the long run if you use your homebase patio heater very often. Still, a gas heater is not very environmentally friendly, because they emit a lot of carbon dioxide.   

Recreating a real fire with a fire pit

Nothing looks as authentic and familiar as a fire pit in the garden. Recreate this warm and cosy ambiance by putting an electric patio heater in your garden. These electric heaters do not only look just like the real thing, but are a lot safer when you have little kids roaming around your garden. Moreover, they are better for the environment than a real garden fire pit because of the carbon dioxide emissions. Finally, buy a cheap fire pit that works on electricity to enjoy a fire that lasts as long as you wish. Another authentic mood maker is the garden log burner. Garden burners create heat during any season, whether it is a cold winter or a mild summer. Find the best electric log burner in our collection and enjoy summer nights in your garden, even when the sun is starting to disappear and the wind is starting to settle.

Step-by-step plan on how to use your electric patio heater

Maybe it is your first time using an electric heater and you wonder how to use it in a safe and efficient way.

  1. First of all, pick a good spot to put your electric patio heater. There should be enough ventilation possibilities;
  2. Now check the heater’s power to avoid a short circuit;
  3. Prevent overheating by switching off the heater when you are done. Also make sure you never put anything on top of the heater;
  4. Place sandbags or waterweights at the base of your gas heater to keep it from falling over;
  5. Set up safety rules when using your patio heater as a family with little children.

Ready for the winter with a garden heater. With an electric patio heater you are able to spend even the coldest afternoons and evenings in your garden. The only thing you need is a power outlet. Visit our garden centre to discover our assortment of heaters, fire pits and log burners.

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