Grow dahlias

Dahlias are beautiful plants that fit into any garden. The most beautiful colors come out of these flower bulbs. They are fast growers and give an enormous amount of flowers. Not only the colors of the flowers vary, but also the shapes! Do you want to grow dahlias? With a step-by-step plan, we will tell you exactly how to tackle this. 

Growing Dahlias

1) When to plant out dahlias?

First of all you will of course have to buy the dahlias flower bulbs. You can do this at a garden center nearby. After you have purchased the flower bulbs, you will have to determine when you will plant them. When do you plant dahlias exactly? You can plant dahlias tubers from the end of May. Dahlia tubers love the sun and warmth. It is therefore important that the tubers only come out when the chance of night frost has passed. If you want to start early with planting dahlias, then you can plant the tubers indoors in containers. You can start planting the dahlias indoors around April.

2) Where to plant dahlias?

You can plant dahlias in pots, but also in borders. It is whatever you think is best for your garden. The best thing to do is to mix dahlias with other perennials. You can also mix dahlias among themselves to fill a colorful and beautiful pot or border. However you mix them, they will look beautiful in every garden. Dahlias love sun and warmth. If it is very hot in your garden, it is important to have a little shade for your dahlias. To make sure the dahlias will stay pretty for a long time, protect the dahlias from strong wind.

3) How to plant dahlias

If you plant dahlias in the spring, they will be beautiful in your garden till first frost. To get the most out of these beautiful plants, you will have to plant them the right way. Before you start planting dahlias, make sure that the soil in your garden has the right pH level. The pH level should be around 6.5 or 7. The soil where you are going to plant dahlias should be rich and well-drained. The best way to plant dahlias tubers is to not place the dahlia deeper than 2 inches in the ground. This will make sure that the dahlias actually have a chance to grow. After you put the tubers in the ground you will have to apply the soil mixed with compost. Press the earth firmly and wait a couple of days before you start giving water. This will prevent the tubers from rotting. 


4) How to care for dahlias

If the dahlias are starting to appear, you can start giving water. Water the dahlias two times a week for 30 minutes with a sprinkler. Dahlias love the sun, but because of all this heat they will need a lot of water. If you want to have large dahlia flowers in your garden, then you should try disbudding. You will have to cut the two smaller buds next to the middle one in the flower cluster. By doing this, you are helping the flowers to grow bigger. The flowers do not have to put their energy in other flower buds, so the one that you left will receive more energy and grow faster. 

We hope that you can use this step-by-step plan to plant and grow dahlias. After following this step-by-step plan you will be able to enjoy these beautiful flowers in your garden. Let us know if you have succeeded in planting and growing these beautiful flowers. We would also like to hear additional tips!


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