How to find the right garden furniture

No garden is complete without the right garden furniture. From lovely bistro sets to luxurious lounge sets, outdoor furniture comes in all shapes, sizes and styles. This may make it difficult to navigate through this large variety of items to add to your garden, balcony or terrace. In this article we therefore give you five tips to make finding the right garden furniture for your outdoor living area easier.

1.Measure the space you have

The first step in choosing the right outdoor furniture is measuring the space available in your garden or on your balcony or terrace. If you have limited space available, movable furniture could be a good choice. This way you can rearrange your furniture when guests come over to create more or less seating spots and space to walk around. With the luxury of a larger garden comes the opportunity to go all out with choosing a lounge set or creating your own from seperate pieces, while possibly even having space left for a bistro set or a bench.

2.Consider the amount people you want to be able to seat

Another thing to keep in mind when browsing for garden furniture is the amount of people you want to be able to seat. Besides the people of your household, also consider the amount of guests you want to be able to come over without having to worry about finding extra chairs.

3.Pick a style that would suit your outdoor living area

This style does not only come back in the furniture pieces you select, but also in other items to add to your garden, balcony or terrace. Think for example of water features to top off your garden, which come in traditional and modern styles.

4.Think about the time you want to spend on maintenance

Outdoor furniture is made of diverging materials, such as aluminum, wood and wicker. Whereas wicker is a popular material in modern garden furniture and very easy to maintain, wooden garden furniture requires a little more tending to. It is wise to consider the amount of time you want to spend every season on making sure your furniture stays clean and in good quality.

5.Go test your favourite furniture pieces

On top of that, we would recommend trying out your favourite garden pieces you have seen online to make sure that lounge set is as enjoyable as it is pretty. Try out different types of pillows as well to find what you like best and what would suit your garden, balcony or terrace best!

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