Spring surprises unfold - garden calender march

March marks the beginning of the long-awaited spring, and the garden awakens from its winter slumber. As the days lengthen and temperatures gradually rise, there are countless opportunities to breathe new life into your garden. It's the perfect time to enjoy the first signs of spring flowers poking their colorful heads above the ground. Crocuses, snowdrops, and daffodils bring a touch of cheer to the garden, heralding the approaching blooming season.


March is a crucial month to lay the groundwork for a successful growing season. Start by checking and improving the soil quality. Add compost and loosen the soil to enhance moisture retention and nutrient absorption. Also, consider pruning fruit trees and berry bushes before the buds fully unfold. By performing these tasks in a timely manner, you establish a healthy foundation for a lush and productive garden in the coming months.


March is the ideal time to put the first seeds in the ground and introduce young plants. Opt for frost-resistant vegetables such as radishes, spinach, and peas. These crops thrive in the cooler temperatures of March and promise an early harvest. Additionally, flowers like violets and forget-me-nots can be sown for a colourful flower carpet. Ensure that you check seed packets for specific instructions regarding planting depth and spacing.


With the awakening of nature unfortunately comes the emergence of weeds. Dedicate time to thorough weeding to prevent unwanted plants from taking over. Careful weed control in March sets the stage for a low-maintenance garden later in the season. Additionally, it's a good time to inspect and, if necessary, maintain tools. Sharp shears and well-functioning lawnmowers are essential for an efficient and satisfying gardening experience.


While you're busy gardening, don't forget to savour the small wonders that spring brings. Take occasional moments to relax amid the blooming flowers and chirping birds. March is not only a month of hard work in the garden but also of nurturing the delicate beauty that nature offers. Be inspired by the colours and scents around you and look forward to the lush rewards these efforts will yield throughout the rest of the gardening season.

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