What can I put in my garden for decoration?

Whether you’re establishing a new garden or sprucing up an old one, the addition of garden decor can make a big difference. It not only makes a green space feel homelier and more inviting to be in but it’s a simple way of creating something that is truly unique.

In this article, discover a few of the things you can put in the garden for decoration, from lanterns to repurposed planters and pollinator “hotels”. If you’re on the hunt for a rental with a garden, check out the listings available at rentola.co.uk. It showcases private properties across the United Kingdom, from Stoke-on-Trent to Aberdeen, with simple search filters that include location, price and number of bedrooms. Rather than having to open a new page to view property images, you can easily click through on the search results page and see what kind of garden awaits.

The following list only scratches the surface of the types of decor that can be added to gardens, with the only limitation being your imagination.

Repurposed objects

Objects that are easily found at tip shops or thrift stores can be repurposed into planters, adding a touch of creativity and vintage flair to the garden. Before going out to buy, check to see what’s lying around in the shed that might work as a plant container or browse online marketplaces for giveaway items.

For the best results, drill a few drainage holes in the base of the object so that the plant’s roots don’t get waterlogged. Antique kettles, saucepans and ceramic pots all work wonderfully as planters while adding a lot of personality to a garden.

Outdoor furnishings

Whether it’s a wooden bench, a metal chaise or a plastic dining set, outdoor furnishings allow you to relax in the garden and appreciate the natural world. It’s important to select furnishings that can withstand all weather conditions to avoid having to move them indoors every time rain is forecast.

High-quality outdoor furniture isn’t always cheap but often becomes available second-hand through online marketplaces. All-weather wicker, wood and metal are good options, as is built-in concrete furniture. Just ensure that the cushions are designed for the outdoors or be ready to move them inside on a regular basis.


Soft lighting adds plenty of romance to outdoor spaces while making the garden an inviting place to be at night. String lights are particularly popular and can easily be attached to roofing and pergolas, as well as strung between trees. Lanterns are a good alternative and can be hooked onto the trunks of trees, allowing you to illuminate areas of the garden that are well away from the house.

Always look for lights that are designed for the outdoors and can withstand all weather conditions. Solar lights are a good option as they will charge during the day and illuminate at night, without needing to be connected to mains power or costing a cent to run.


Birdbaths are not only aesthetically pleasing but they provide an important source of water for birds to drink, bathe and cool themselves down on hot, summer days. Adding a birdbath is a simple way of attracting more feathered friends to the garden while supporting the creation of a micro-habitat.

Ideally, birdbaths should be placed near shrubs or trees that provide cover for birds and protect them from direct sunlight. This will not only reduce the evaporation rate of the water but also prevent algae from developing. That being said, it’s best to position the birdbath where you can see it to appreciate the avian visitors.

Bee/insect hotels

Insect hotels are designed to recreate the natural habitat that bees and other insects use as shelter, keeping them safe, protected and comfortable. As urban environments become more built up, the rotted wood and rocky cracks used by many insect species are diminishing and this impacts the number of beneficial insects visiting suburban gardens.

By adding a bee/insect hotel to the garden, you’ll be helping to attract beneficial pollinators and may see some wonderful knock-on benefits. Having more pollinators usually leads to a great abundance of flowers and fruits, something that most gardeners will appreciate.

Decorate in moderation

While there are no “rights” or “wrongs” when it comes to adding decor to a garden, too much can be overwhelming. By adding too many things to a garden, it may quickly become cluttered, which defeats the purpose of creating a tranquil and calming outdoor space.

Be selective with the objects you choose to add and consider how they will add to the overall aesthetic. As the outdoors is a place that is shared with other creatures, it’s also important to think about their needs and how to accommodate them.

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