Bird food

Birds have enough food in spring and summer, but in autumn or winter, they can't always find the right nutritions. The climate is changing, and sometimes it is hard for the birds to find food in summer as well. This is caused by the drought. We as humans are capable of helping them, but buying bird food isn't the most fun thing to do. To make it easier and more fun for you to help the birds in your area, you will find different kinds of bird food recipes in this article. Making bird food is a lot of fun and an activity you can also do with your (grand)kids.

Homebase bird food

Buying bird food for wild birds is not always how you want to spend your money. Making it yourself also costs some money, but it is way cheaper and a lot more fun. Cheap wild bird food is hard to find, especially in urban areas. Before you start making bird food, we have some tips and tricks for you.

1) There are a lot of different bird feeders. Before you start making bird food, decide what kind of bird feeder you want to use. You will see this bird feeder in your backyard a lot, so make sure it is one you like!

2) Making bird food yourself will probably send more bird into your garden. What kind of birds do you want to see? Pick the food that fits these birds best and you'll attract the birds you want!

3) The spot you place the bird feeder is important as well. Some birds like to eat at a spot low to the ground, while others prefer to eat in a three.


How to make bird food at home

Making bird food at home is a lot of fun. Things can get messy, but the birds in your backyard will be happy as never before. Make your own bird food, including container, with this basic bird food recipe. You can add extra ingredients such as fruits and berries yourself.

1) Making the container

What you need:

- Empty carton

- Garden wire

- Paint + brush

- Scissors

Making your own container to store bird food is as easy as you thought. Paint the carton with a design or color of your choice. Let dry and cut a big square out of the sides.

2) Making bird food

What you need:

- 1 cup sunflower seeds

- 1,5 cup bread crumbs

- 1,5 cup rolled oats

- Suet

A bird feeder is not complete without bird food. That is why we provide you with a basic recipe. First of all, you will need to cook the oats until ready. Crumble and mix the seeds, oats, and crumbs. Put the suet in a pan and melt it. Blend all the ingredients and let it cool a bit. Is the mixture cool enough to touch? Make some nice round balls. Let dry and hang them on a tree!

How to make bird food with peanut butter

Some birds love peanut butter. To attract birds to your garden, this will do the trick. An empty toilet roll, some peanut butter, and seeds will do the trick. Roll the empty toilet roll into the peanut butter and cover this with seed. Hang the roll outside and within no-time, there will be lots of birds! 

After reading this article, you will be able to start making bird food and bird feeders. Have fun and let us know if you succeeded and we hope you will have lots of new birds in your backyard.

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