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Cactus compost is a special soil mix especially for cacti to grow in. These spiky plants are used to living in the desert, where the soil is dry and harsh. Cactus compost tries to imitate the desert soil, so your cacti can grow under the best living conditions. It usually consists of sand or grit, soil and peat moss. Make sure your cacti live healthily by using cactus potting soil instead of regular soil. gives you 5 tips to keep your cacti happy.

How to take care of homebase plants

Taking care of indoor pot plants does not have to be that complicated, especially not when you want to grow cacti and succulents. Potted trees like yuccas are also perfectly suitable for people who tend to forget about watering their plants. The main cause of these plants dying is overwatering, so be sure to avoid giving them too much water. This will lead to root rot and, in the case of yuccas, yellow leaves. Always let the soil dry out in between watering moments to make sure that the roots of your plant are not sitting in standing water. Other homebase indoor plants, such as bamboo plants in the UK, require more water. Bamboo plants live best in moist conditions. Water them every couple of days to keep the soil humid.

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What soil to use in your indoor plant pots

Bamboo plants do not like heavy clay soil, but thrive in well-draining soil that consists of loam, perlite and peat moss. This type of soil drains quickly, but still retains enough moisture to keep the plant from drying out. For cacti and succulents, a different type of soil is needed: cactus compost. Whether you are growing a mini cactus on a windowsill or a gigantic cactus in your living room, special cactus soil is important to ensure the best growing conditions. How do you make the best cactus compost?

  • Combine three equal measures of washed sand, soil and grit. Grit can for example consist of pebbles or pot shards;
  • Add some peat moss if you live in a relatively arid climate. Peat retains moisture and can thus be helpful. Still, don’t let the peat dry out completely, because it may have difficulty absorbing water again after that;
  • Mix the ingredients thoroughly and put it in one of your indoor plant pots.

What kind of plant pots to use for your succulents and cacti

You can find hundreds of indoor plant pots in the UK, but which one is the perfect fit for your succulent or cactus? First of all, make sure your pot has enough drainage holes. In this way, all excess water can drain away if you accidentally give your succulent too much water. Next, look at the material. Whereas terra cotta and ceramic are very breathable, plastic is a relatively lightweight material that does not drain as well. Next, think about the colour and textures you like best. Also make sure you choose the right size: too much space may lead to an oversized succulent, while too little space can disrupt the roots of your succulents. Fill up your pot with cactus compost and you are ready to go.

5 tips to grow wonderful cacti

If you want to grow house plants, the cactus is a great option. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Choose a planting pot that is big enough for your cactus to grow in and that has drainage holes;
  2. Fill your pot with self-made cactus compost or buy soil that is cactus-specific;
  3. Plant your cactus cutting and moisten the soil. Don’t overwater it, but use a mister to water your cactus. Water your cactus frequently during its growing season;
  4. Pick a sunny spot where your cactus receive plenty of indirect sunlight. Try to avoid direct sunlight;
  5. Rotate your cactus every month to avoid uneven growth and repot your cactus every year.

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