Modern Garden Ideas

Modern garden ideas are exactly what you need to get started in your new garden. You are looking for something new and fresh, but are having trouble finding the right design. Modern gardens use clean, geometric designs and hard materials to create a simple yet well-structured back yard. With the contemporary garden ideas of you will surely feel at home in your own garden.

What is a modern garden exactly?

Before we go ahead and show you our best modern garden ideas, we will first have to make clear what a modern garden is exactly. Contemporary gardens like structure: you will find lots of geometric shapes and clean lines in it. Furthermore, repetition is more than welcome in modern design. Think of recurrent colours, materials and textures. Often, the architectural themes of your home design can be found back in the design of your garden. Last but not least, most modern gardens include natural elements and water features in their gardens.

Plants that fit perfectly in modern gardens

Maybe you think that there is no room for plants in your contemporary garden design. Modern gardens should be all about hard materials and organic features do not fit into that category. Nothing could be further from the truth! These modern garden plants will fit perfectly in your garden:

  • Yucca: this lively plant tolerates drought really well, making it perfect for sunny areas. With its tall stem and remarkable leaves it will be the centrepiece of your garden;
  • Hosta: this beautiful plant is known for its beautifully-coloured foliage. Furthermore, it produces very pretty flowers that spread a lovely fragrance during summer;
  • New Zealand flax: this evergreen perennial has long, bushy leaves that add a lot of dynamic to your garden. Look for different varieties with red or yellow foliage;
  • Aucuba: this decorative plant is also called the ‘gold dust plant’ because its green leaves are covered with golden dots. The pretty, but poisonous red berries complete the picture. Put the acuba in a shady spot and it will thrive throughout the seasons!

yucca plants in modern garden

Modern garden furniture for ultimate relaxing

Do you want more modern garden ideas for turning your garden into a place of rest and relaxation? Contemporary gardens cannot lack suitable furniture. First of all, you need a lounge set. Hardwood lounge furniture adds a natural aspect to your garden and resists the sun. Wicker furniture is another great option. The material is flexible and thus creates an agreeable seating surface. Add coloured cushions to give your furniture a cheerful appearance. If you want some single seats, try aluminium chairs. Aluminium is lightweight, but still very strong, making it the perfect fit for your modern garden.

5 low maintenance garden ideas

The following modern garden ideas are perfect for people who like low maintenance gardens, but are still looking for aesthetic appeal. These low maintenance garden ideas for UK gardens will certainly turn your garden into a place where you feel at home.

  1. Use subtle colours to bring warmth to your garden. Do not use too many different colours, but combine various hues and tones of the same colour. For example, mix a light sand brown and a darker hardwood brown;
  2. Add perennials to your garden to soften the hard shapes and lines in your garden. Combine these with other garden plants such as yuccas and aucubas to create a lively landscape;
  3. Bring light into the darkness by using LEDs that help you enjoy summer nights even more;
  4. Give room to nature by adding a water fountain or pond to your garden. Water elements bring warmth and personality into your garden;
  5. Do not include elements in your garden just because everyone is doing it. Stay true to your personal style and the design you have in mind. That is the only way to create a modern garden design that works!

contemporary garden with patio

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