Kill brambles

Brambles or blackberry bushes are not nice for everyone to have in the garden. Is your garden free from brambles? If you go on holiday for a few weeks, chances are that brambles have settled in your garden anyway. These blackberry bushes grow very fast and can be very annoying. Once brambles have settled in the garden, it is very difficult to get rid of them. In this article we will let you know how exactly you can remove these blackberry bushes! Is there even a way to get rid of brambles permanently? Yes there are many!

How do brambles get into the garden?

Chances are that your neighbors have a blackberry bush in the garden, or that the former residents have had blackberries in the garden and have not removed them properly. Brambles grow quickly from one garden to another, so if your neighbors have brambles, you will also suffer from this in no time. Especially if your neighbors have not kept the garden well.

Getting rid of brambles is harder than you might think 

The best way to clear brambles is of course to make sure they will not get into your garden. If brambles have entered the garden anyway, then the removal starts. At the beginning you might think that a few blackberry bushes in the garden are still nice, but since blackberries grow so fast, they quickly take over the entire garden. Once you've removed the brambles, you'll need to dispose of them safely. Brambles are considered green waste and the price of a skip is a small one to pay instead of attempting to bag them up.

Killing brambles

Best ways to kill brambles the organic way

There are many ways to get rid of brambles. Removing brambles can be hard, but with these tips we will make it easier for you. First you will have to think about whether you want to remove brambles in a natural way or with chemical aids. For nature, the biological way is of course the best, but if this does not work out you will still have to switch to chemical control. How to get rid of brambles without chemicals?

  • Killing brambles with salt: Removing brambles with salt can easily be done for the somewhat smaller garden, or for the larger garden with not many brambles yet. If you use the salt in the right way, chances are that this will work for killing brambles. You will have to mix two parts of salt and one part of water and you can do this in a spray bottle. Spray the salt water on the leaves, the stem and around the roots. Make sure that you do not spray too much, then the salt water might attack other plants. After 10 days of spraying you will be able to clear the brambles out of your garden. 
  • Pulling the brambles out, including the roots. This will prevent the brambles from spreading. For more information on biological ways to control plants and other gardening tips, explore opportunities for biology tutors to further enhance your knowledge and skills in the biological sciences.

How to kill brambles with chemical control

Some may say the best way to kill brambles is to do this with chemical control. In garden centers you can easily find resources to kill brambles in a chemical way. If it really doesn't work out the organic way, you can of course always try these products. Remember to always buy the product that cannot affect other plants, pets or insects. In most cases, before you start working with weed killer, you will have to cut the brambles back. This will make it easier for the weed killer to soak in and kill the brambles. After a few days you will be able to remove the brambles.

The best way to get rid of brambles differs per garden and per blackberry bush. To find the best way to get rid of brambles in your garden, it is best if you start trying with the organic ways. If these don’t work, you can start with weed killer. If the brambles won’t leave after this, you can always get in contact with a company that will remove the brambles. Good luck!

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